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TUC furthers efforts to tackle race discrimination

TUC furthers efforts to tackle race discrimination

In a bid to reduce the racial discrimination faced by some workers in the UK, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has launched a new guide.

The resource, which is entitled Tackling Racism in the Workplace, was published in time to coincide with a conference staged by the industry body - which campaigns for race equality in the workplace, as well as in the wider community.

Deputy-general secretary of the organisation Frances O' Grady remarked: "It's now ten years since the publication of the landmark Macpherson Report which, in the aftermath of the death of Stephen Lawrence, laid bare the extent of institutional racism within British life."

However, progress has been made in the country since this time and a defining moment has been reached in the battle against the ill-treatment of minority racial groups, she went on to say.

The expert added that black workers are among the worst affected by the ongoing economic problems.