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Man successful in racial discrimination claims

Man successful in racial discrimination claims

A man who claimed he was the victim of racial discrimination has proved successful for the third time at an employment tribunal.

Clarence Bvunzai took legal action against Glasgow City Council in 2001 after he failed to get a job as a unit manager at a care home, the BBC reports.

His allegations were upheld and he was awarded £48,681 in compensation. However, the local authority - which is headquartered in City Chambers - successfully appealed the decision twice.

In a new development, Mr Bvunzai, who is a trained nurse and social worker and took early retirement last year, has had the award reinstated.

Commenting on the amount the complainant will now receive, Lord Reed, sitting with Lord Carloway and Lord McEwan, stated: "Justice in the present case can best be achieved by ensuring that the compensation due to Mr Bvunzai is speedily assessed, even if the assessment is in some respects imperfect."