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Ex-TV reporters claim age discrimination

Ex-TV reporters claim age discrimination

Two former television presenters are claiming they were the victims of age discrimination.

Dianne Stradling and Rebecca Atherstone both worked for Anglia TV, which is part of ITV, the Ipswich Evening Star reports.

The pair, who are in their 50s, say they were made to re-apply for their positions only to be replaced by younger women.

Ms Atherstone said it felt like having "an arm cut off" when she found out she was losing her job after 30 years of service.

Meanwhile, Ms Stradling remarked: "My employer made me redundant by pretending my job was redundant. It is not.

"It is being done by a younger person, simply with another job title."

She has not yet secured another job and doubts she will ever work in broadcasting again.

A spokesman for ITV, which describes itself as the biggest commercial television network in the UK, said the company was unable to comment on an ongoing legal case.