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Workplace bullying costing UK plc, expert claims

Workplace bullying costing UK plc, expert claims

Businesses are suffering both in terms of money and time as a result of workplace bullying, it has been suggested.

According to partner at Oxley & Coward Solicitors in Rotherham Mamoon Chaudhary, statistics reveal that 20 per cent of management time is spent handling conflicts, while 50 per cent of employees on long-term sick leave are struggling with bullying difficulties.

This comes after figures showed that tribunal claims cost companies, on average, £20,000 - a number that is climbing.

The amount of applications to courts relating to workplace bullying is also on the rise, with 189,000 registered last year - up one third from 2006.

And recent research carried out by Unison compounds this, finding that over a third of its members polled have had such experiences in the last six months.

Mr Chaudhary went on to note that workers are protected and are able to claim breach of contract against employers for failing to provide an environment in which they can do their jobs free from disruption and harassment.