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Women 'still subject to sex discrimination at board level'

Women 'still subject to sex discrimination at board level'
Companies are failing to identify female talent, leading to underrepresentation on corporate boards.

That is the finding of research commissioned by the Government Equality Office, which indicated that board room cultures are often inhospitable to women, as well as other minority groups.

Furthermore, females were shown to be put off applying for such positions despite being experienced and having the right education, because of the perception of an "old boys' network".

The report was released after Cranfield found that the number of women in key positions within FTSE 100 companies has declined and minister for women and equality Harriet Harman called for more to be done.

"Businesses that run on the basis of an old boy network and do not draw on the talents of all the population will not be the ones that flourish," she said.

Last week, Ms Harman announced a number of new appointments to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.