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Nurses' whistleblowing hotline set up

Nurses' whistleblowing hotline set up

A whistleblowing hotline has been launched for nurses to call if they feel that patient care is being compromised in favour of NHS business targets, with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) voicing concerns that placing such demands on staff could be commonplace in the sector.

One particular issue noted by the RCN was that of the four-hour emergency care objectives, Nursing In Practice reports, a problem that has contributed to the need for the Raising Concerns, Raising Standards number.

Another difficulty was that nurses may feel pressured into falsifying and manipulating data in order to meet certain goals.

Chief executive of the RCN Dr Peter Carter observed that it is "completely unacceptable" for factors such as driving down waiting times to be put before the delivery of patient care, "or when hitting a statistic takes priority over clinical needs".

This comes after Alan Dransfield, employed by Balfour Beatty, launched unfair dismissal proceedings against the firm after expressing concerns about health and safety at work.