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Man makes constructive dismissal claims

Man makes constructive dismissal claims

A man has accused his former employer of constructive dismissal after he left his role at Acme Jewellery.

Neville Bould claims he was the victim of two physical assaults by colleagues at the firm.

After complaining to the police, he eventually resigned in protest over his treatment at the enterprise, which is based in Belbroughton.

Commenting on the alleged incidents, he remarked: "I needed painkillers and went to hospital ... I complained to the management and when I looked in the firm's accident book, the assault was recorded as a collision."

As well as the violence he suggests he suffered, Mr Bould says he had to endure verbal abuse, harassment and bullying.

The firm's legal representative suggested that it had carried out investigations among employees and their evidence would be given later.

Meanwhile, a hearing was listed for four days and a tribunal decision is set to be given at a future date.