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Gender pay discrimination 'still a problem for many women'

Gender pay discrimination 'still a problem for many women'

A considerable number of women in the UK are still subject to pay discrimination, it has been claimed.

According to Maxine Benson, co-founder of Everywoman, many female employees are not getting a fair deal when it comes to pay.

She made her comments after the release of figures produced by the Fawcett Society, which suggested that 85 per cent of the public support mandatory pay audits.

Ms Benson claimed that awareness of gender pay gaps needs to be raised in order to tackle discrimination.

She added: "As long as things are hidden and not spoken about, they will never go away, whether we are talking about pay or any form of discrimination."

The expert went on to advise women who feel they may be subject to unfair remuneration practices to raise the issue with their employers.

Female workers need to have the confidence to ask to be paid "what they are worth", she said.