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Female doctors 'subject to sex discrimination'

Female doctors 'subject to sex discrimination'

Women who enter the medical profession are often subject to sex discrimination in terms of their levels of pay.

This is according to a study conducted by the Britsh Medical Association (BMA), which found that women doctors earn around £15,000 less on average than their male counterparts.

It suggested that females in the industry face a hostile culture when they attempt to advance their careers.

Dr Anita Holdcroft, one of the authors of the report, claimed that one of the reasons why women are less well remunerated is due to the fact that they have limited room to manoeuver because managers know they are unlikely to uproot their families.

In contrast, men can secure pay increases by threatening to leave, she suggested.

She added: "Discrimination is the only way that we can explain the gender pay gap."

Dr Holdcroft is professor of anaesthesia at Imperial College London, which was established in 1907 and currently has more than 13,000 full-time students.