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Calls made for scrapping UK's mandatory retirement age

Calls made for scrapping UK's mandatory retirement age
Older workers should not be forced out of their roles when they reach a particular age, it has been suggested.

A cross-party group in the Welsh Assembly is to lobby the UK government on the issue, the South Wales Evening Post reports.

Chairwoman of the body's Equality of Opportunity Committee Ann Jones said: "Enabling older people to work longer not only benefits the individual through allowing them to remain active and maintain social contacts, it eases the pressure on the pension system."

Claiming it is "vitally important" that employees are able to continue in their roles for as long as they want or need to, she added that staying in the workforce longer reduces poverty and makes a valuable contribution to society.

Research published recently by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development revealed that 71 per cent of people aged 55 and over wish to stay in their roles beyond the retirement age.