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Workers 'unhappy with employee cost-cutting practices'

Workers 'unhappy with employee cost-cutting practices'

The recession has led to many employees showing signs of "discontent" in the workplace, one industry body has suggested.

According to director of the Institute of Employment Rights Carolyn Jones, a number of workers are worried about issues such as pay discrimination or unfair dismissal as a result of the economic crisis.

She stated firms that are making a profit and awarding bonuses are still using the financial situation as a reason for cutting back on their workforce or making changes to employment conditions.

Her comments came after a survey from Chiumento revealed that over half of employees have opted to stay in their present job because they fear they would have to take a pay cut if they left.

"That is leading to discontentment in the workforce," she explained, adding that some employees are facing a "double whammy" of fear of the recession itself and the ways in which their employer are making them pay - for example by reducing flexible working hours.