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Wills 'are necessary in today's society'

Wills 'are necessary in today's society'

Due to the complex nature of modern family life, drawing up wills is something that must not be neglected.

This is the view of PMS development director Martin Reynolds, who said that drawing up such legal documents is important.

Writing in the FT Adviser, he pointed out that we currently live in a "very complicated society" where the division of assets when someone dies is not easy.

He commented: "It may look straightforward for many relationships but we live in a very complicated society today and we do not follow traditional convention of married with two children, end of story."

Mr Reynolds used the example of someone who gets divorced and then remarried, asking what would happen in terms of the division of assets in the absence of a will.

Last month, Phil Perry, director of independent advisory firm Ark Financial Planning, said that creating a will is a "very simple process" and it ensures possessions are "left in the correct way".