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Tribunal rules in favour of unfair dismissal claimant

Tribunal rules in favour of unfair dismissal claimant

A woman who claimed she had been the victim of unfair dismissal has been successful at a tribunal.

Allyson Cartwright lost her job as a doctors' administrator after viewing confidential computer files containing information on colleagues' Christmas bonuses and appraisals, the BBC reports.

The 44-year-old was sacked because of her actions on the basis of "gross misconduct".

She claimed that her behaviour could not be seen in this way due to the 25 years of loyal service she had given in her position at the Alness-Invergordon Medical Group - which is located on Dalmore Road in Alness.

Ms Cartwright also said that her contract allowed her to access confidential information on the condition that she did not disclose what she saw to others.

During a recent hearing, she was awarded £2,345 and the parties are to come to a settlement on lost pension rights.

If they fail to reach an agreement, a further hearing will take place.