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Firm made to pay out in disability discrimination case

Firm made to pay out in disability discrimination case

A dyslexic woman who failed tests set by her employer and subsequently lost her job has been awarded compensation of £45,435.

Dhrupa Bid was a trainee at KPMG and was required to pass computer-based qualifying exams in order to continue in her role, Financial Director reports.

While she had always passed tests set in paper form with marks over 80 per cent, she found her results dropping to 40 per cent when she was forced to take them electronically.

KPMG, which has 10,000 partners and employees working in 22 offices around the UK, has a policy whereby anyone who fails their qualifying exams twice cannot continue employment.

Ms Bid only discovered after her second failure that she was dyslexic.

According to her legal representatives, she should have been allowed to take the exam again on paper and with more time.

A spokesperson for Ms Bid's former employer said: "KPMG believes it acted properly and fairly at all times and did what was required of a responsible employer in supporting Ms Bid once the probability of her having dyslexia was made known to us."