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Clinical negligence claim results in payout for teenager

Clinical negligence claim results in payout for teenager

A 19-year-old has been successful in her claim for compensation over mistakes made during her birth at West Suffolk Hospital.

In 1990, Kersha Sanders was delivered five weeks prematurely at the medical centre, which is located on Hardwick Lane following a relocation in 1973, the Bury Free Press reports.

As a result of a delay in her birth, she was starved of oxygen and suffered damage to her brain.

Consequently, she has severe motor and language disabilities and is reliant on the use of a wheelchair.

Despite her physical difficulties, Ms Sanders is studying sports performance at college and is said to be doing well.

In a High Court ruling, the West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust - which serves around 270,000 people distributed over an area covering around approximately 600 square miles - was ordered to pay out more than £1 million.

During the hearing, Mr Justice McDuff praised the teenager's courage.