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Whistleblowers take case to employment tribunal

Whistleblowers take case to employment tribunal
Three NHS employees who claim they were bullied and harassed after reporting concerns about a colleague have begun legal action.

Nurses Jenny Fecitt, Annie Woodcock and Felicity Hughes worked for NHS Manchester, Sky News reports.

The whistleblowers warned managers over concerns they had about a male nurse.

The suggest that NHS Manchester, which is headquartered at the Parkway Business Centre on Princess Road, failed to protect them.

A total of 46 examples of alleged victimisation have been cited by the individuals.

Commenting on the case, Ms Woodcock said she has no regrets in taking action.

She stated: "I had to do it. It would have been worse if I had walked away and something had happened to a patient."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for NHS Manchester said that the organisation has "robust" policies and procedures in place in order to address the concerns of staff members.

An internal investigation into the allegations is ongoing, the representative added.

The hearing is expected to last for a total of two weeks.