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Whistleblower claims he was bullied by employer

Whistleblower claims he was bullied by employer

A cancer consultant who raised concerns about cost-cutting measures at the hospital he worked in has said he was the victim of bullying by bosses.

Ramon Niekrash blamed the efficiency measures for reducing standards of patient care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust, which in now part of the South London Healthcare NHS Trust.

He made his point in a series of letters to senior management at the organisation.

In so doing he earned himself a ten-week suspension, with bosses saying his claims were "possibly vexatious".

A subsequent inquiry into practices at the medical centre saw former clinical surgical director Dr Sharon Power suggest she would like to see him "in chains on a plane back to Australia".

During a recent hearing, Mr Niekrash stated: "As a result of my disclosures I was subjected to bullying, harassment and ultimately I was excluded in punitive action by the trust management."

The hearing remains ongoing.