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Visually impaired people 'face discrimination during interview process'

Visually impaired people 'face discrimination during interview process'

People with sight problems experience difficulties during the interview process, it has been claimed.

According to Sophie Dyment, Cardiff-based project officer for Wales Council for the Blind, such candidates often have to contend with discrimination and stereotypes, Wales Online reports.

She made her comments as minister for disabled people Jonathan Shaw visited the University of Wales Institute to discuss the support required by disabled people in the workplace.

"To go to job interviews when you have a sight problem throws up a lot of problems. You have to have a lot of confidence to do it in the first place because of the discrimination you're up against," Ms Dyment stated.

She went on to suggest that many sight impaired people face further barriers if and when they enter employment.

Mr Shaw was touring the country promoting the government's Access to Work programme, which provides funding to help purchase equipment that disabled people may need to help them perform their duties at work.

It also provides finance for the adapting of premises to the needs of disabled employees.