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Senior council official wins claims of wrongful dismissal

Senior council official wins claims of wrongful dismissal

A senior council official who lost his job after being accused of sexually assaulting a colleague has been successful in his claims of wrongful dismissal.

The man, who is referred to as Mr A for legal reasons, was awarded compensation of £25,000 during a recent hearing, the Daily Mail reports.

After being accused by the co-worker, he was sacked on the spot by the chief executive of the local authority.

This was despite the fact that the alleged victim refused to give evidence to the police.

The council chief, who was a close friend of the woman, said that "in all probability" the accused had "raped and sexually, physically and mentally assaulted, harassed and abused" his colleague.

However, when the police decided to take no further action due to a lack of evidence, Mr A launched legal proceedings.

Mr Justice Underhill, who heard the appeal, said that case was "unusual" and "disturbing".

He added: "We also wish to make clear that the claimant (the alleged rapist) was in this case very unfairly treated."

Wrongful dismissal occurs when an employer breaches a worker's contract in sacking them or forcing them to leave, for example when they dismiss them without following their disciplinary process.