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PR expert claims disability discrimination

PR expert claims disability discrimination

A public relations expert who suffered a mental breakdown due to his workload is accusing his former employers of disability discrimination.

Richard Saville-Smith took on the role of publicising the Scottish government's Year of Homecoming at EventScotland.

He said that organisers of the initiative gave him too many tasks to do, did not provide sufficient support and were dismissive in their attitude towards his advice.

The 48-year-old claims he sent a letter requesting another member of staff was employed which was a "cry for help".

Two months after taking on his role, Mr Saville-Smith ended up in hospital.

He says that he was discriminated against unfairly under disability legislation and claims that the stress caused him to experience his first bipolar episode in over a decade.

The PR expert was signed back to work as fit in September 2008 but alleges he was ostracised, kept away for work for nine weeks and then sacked.

It is expected that the tribunal involving EventScotland - which was established in 2003 - will conclude this week.