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Judge rules mandatory retirement age can stay

Judge rules mandatory retirement age can stay

People campaigning for the scrapping of the UK's mandatory retirement age have had their hopes dashed.

Today (September 25th), Mr Justice Blake at the High Court ruled that current laws comply with a European Commission directive against age discrimination.

Employers in the UK have the right to force workers aged 65 and over to retire, although staff members have the right to request working beyond this.

Today's court verdict was the culmination of a legal action brought by Age Concern and Help the Aged, which believe the law to be discriminatory.

The charities, which merged earlier this year, suggest that around 25,000 workers are affected by the legislation.

More than 300 employment appeals were put on hold until the judgement was reached.

The legal campaign to scrap the mandatory retirement age was launched in 2006 and it returned to the High Court in July this year after a judgement from the European Court in March.

There, judges ruled the government could retain the default age, as long as it has a "legitimate aim" that was linked to the country's social or employment policy.