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Former advertising boss claims unfair dismissal

Former advertising boss claims unfair dismissal

A former advertising boss at a north-west firm has accused his ex-employers of unfair dismissal.

Alistair Sim stood down from his position at Love Creative last year after being convicted of an attack on his girlfriend.

He subsequently withdrew his resignation but the firm - which is based on High Street in Manchester - began disciplinary proceedings and sacked him.

Mr Sim says that, despite the fact that he has ostensibly resigned as "the face" of the business, he was still part of the organisation and was waiting for assurances he would be given another role, the Manchester Evening News reports.

He suggests that no evidence was put to him that his conviction had a detrimental effect on the company.

Meanwhile, his legal representative claimed that Love Creative had been embarrassed after telling clients Mr Sim had resigned and had therefore felt there was no option but to sack him.

The firm denies this and a decision is yet to be reached in the case.