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Teacher wins 15-year fight for 'pensionable' part-time income

Teacher wins 15-year fight for 'pensionable' part-time income

A 63-year-old teacher who spent almost 15 years fighting for her right to 'pensionable' part-time employment has won her legal battle.

The Weston Mercury reported that Christine Pike, an ex-Widmore First School teacher, won her case at the court of appeal when Somerset county council was found to be in breach of European directives and the Equal Pay Act.

She worked at the school from 1982 to 1993, before retiring due to poor health.

However, she came back to work part-time in 1994 and claimed she was discriminated against when these earnings were not counted towards her pension.

Ms Pike first lodged her case against the council in 1995. The newspaper suggests that her victory could also mean an additional 74 teachers who returned to part-time work before March 21st may see their earnings counted towards their pensions.

The Equal Pay Act is in need of "radical reform", Nicola Brewer asserted in the Guardian earlier this year.

She noted that the current act offers "poor-quality part-time opportunities" and called for a more transparent system in which secrecy would "no longer be an option".