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New bill 'may fail to address discrimination against under-18s'

New bill 'may fail to address discrimination against under-18s'

Under-18s may find themselves left without protection from discrimination even if the equality bill is passed into law, it has been suggested.

Bronwen Cohen, chief executive of Children in Scotland, wrote in an article in the Herald newspaper that many are concerned about the bill's apparent failure to address this issue.

The legislation is being designed to ensure that all groups have equal rights, regardless of race, religion, disabilities, beliefs or age - but those under the age of 18 appear to be being left out.

Ms Cohen said it was sad that the government is taking such a stance, which stems from its claims that there is no evidence of this demographic being discriminated against.

"Discrimination against children on the grounds of age is simply not consistent with the UK government's commitment to 'put equality at the heart of government'," she remarked.

Children in Scotland lists influencing policy as one of its main aims as it seeks to develop better ways for working with children and on their behalf.