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Manager secures £33k in constructive dismissal victory

Manager secures £33k in constructive dismissal victory

A former corporate complaints manager at a local authority has been successful in her bid to secure a payout over claims of contructive dismissal.

Julie Jones resigned from her position at Swansea council, which is headquartered on Oystermouth Road in Swansea, in 2005, the South Wales Evening Post reports.

She cited months of verbal abuse as her reason for leaving.

Following her resignation from the post, Ms Jones claimed she became depressed and was unable to secure new employment.

The tribunal judges were asked to consider her suggestion that the dismissal was the "material causative factor" behind this.

Responding to her recent award of compensation, Ms Jones said: "I am quite happy with the judgement, although there are things which need to be looked at in detail."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the council said the organisation has accepted the finding of constructive dismissal and the award made by the tribunal.