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Agency workers directive "could be open to abuse"

Agency workers directive "could be open to abuse"
There is potential for the European Union (EU) directive on agency workers to be abused, one expert has suggested.

Kathleen Walker Shaw, EU officer at GMB, said that it is possible that there could be a way around the latest measures, which if implemented properly will give agency employees who have been working for longer than 12 weeks many of the same rights as permanent members of staff.

"What we are saying to the government is although these are improvements, depending on how they are implemented they could be open to abuse and avoidance from employers," she remarked.

It is the government's duty to ensure that this does not happen, Ms Walker Shaw added.

The GMB is a trade union which focuses on protecting the rights of its members in the workplace.

Ms Walker Shaw claimed that organisations such as hers have been putting pressure on the government over the agency worker issue for the last six years.