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Woman seeks compensation over alleged age discrimination

Woman seeks compensation over alleged age discrimination

A woman has taken her claims of age discrimination to an employment tribunal in a bid to secure a payout.

According to Marie Westoff, her employers victimised her on the basis of her age, the Kidderminster Shuttle reports.

The teacher, who is in her later 50s, took legal action against the governors of a school, suggesting that she was not offered a suitable role at the end of her contract.

She said that, while four positions were available, she was not offered another teaching job with longer hours.

Ms Westoff also suggested that she had been insulted over her 37th wedding anniversary and, at one stage, she had had to take time off with stress.

Christian Wilkins, a spokesman for the school - which is located in the Georgian canal town of Stourport near to the River Severn - denied her claims.

A decision in the case is due to be reached at a later date.