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Spinal injuries result in £37k compensation payout

Spinal injuries result in £37k compensation payout
A former welder who suffered serious injuries when he fell at work has been awarded compensation of over £37,000.

Kevin Hartley suffered a slipped disc in his back and damage to his sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body and runs from the back of the pelvis down into the feet.

He was carrying a heavy piece of equipment at the Network Rail Infrastructure in Sheffield when the accident occurred.

As a result of the injuries he suffered, he has not been able to return to his former role and took early retirement.

His career as a track welder for the firm, which recently agreed to the payout in an out of court settlement, had lasted for 34 years.

Commenting on the payout, he said: "This compensation comes as a great relief as it will pay for the private healthcare I received on my back. There was a long waiting list on the NHS and because I was in so much pain I decided it would be quicker to go private."