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Progress in narrowing gender pay gap "stalling"

Progress in narrowing gender pay gap "stalling"

Progress in reducing the gender pay gap is "stalling", according to a new report.

Produced by the Women and Work Commission, the document says that the government must do more to change the culture in the education system in order to encourage girls to opt for non-traditional jobs.

According to the commission, the pay gap between men and women currently stands at 22.6 per cent, which is a rise from the 21.9 per cent recorded in 2007.

It said: "The gender pay gap stubbornly persists despite monumental changes in women's position in the workplace, with the employment rate for women now almost 70 per cent."

Chair of the organisation Baroness Margaret Prosser stated that current economic conditions should not be seen as a reason to ignore the pay inequality problem.

Rather, she added, they provide the reasons for tackling the issue "head on".

Established in 2004, the Women and Work Commission considers how to close the gender pay and opportunities gap in the UK. It aims to do so within a generation.