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Insurers agree to £1m compensation payout over brain injuries

Insurers agree to £1m compensation payout over brain injuries
An insurance company has agreed to a settlement in which a man who was injured in a motorcycle accident will receive compensation of £1 million.

Bijan Fouladgar was riding his motorbike in May 2001 when he collided with a van which was performing a U-turn, the London Evening Standard reports.

The 38-year-old suffered serious damage to his head and was left with difficulty concentrating, processing information and controlling his temper.

In addition, he is said to be vulnerable to "exploitation" by others.

Prior to the accident, he was described as an ambitious and sporty businessman.

Following the crash, he took legal action against the van driver's employers, the Southover Food Company - a specialist food supplier which was set up in 1989.

Recently, its insurers agreed to issue a payout after admitting liability.

Commenting on the development, Mr Fouladgar said he was "very pleased" that the case is over and he can begin living his life again.

John Oultram, personal injury partner at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "Regretfully, whilst bikes have many ecological advantages over cars and leave a smaller carbon footprint, bikers remain extremely vulnerable to Britain's overcrowded roads and drivers.

"Vans pose a particular hazard to bikers in that their vision is already restricted and their blind spots mean that van drivers must particularly 'think bike' before trying to perform manoeuvres."