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Teacher was victim of unfair dismissal, tribunal rules

Teacher was victim of unfair dismissal, tribunal rules

During a recent employment tribunal, it was ruled that a teacher had been the victim of unfair dismissal.

Nicola Wilcox was employed on a series of fixed-term contracts at a school in Pembrokeshire from May 2005 until December 2007, the Milford Mercury reports.

At this point, the 30-year-old was dismissed despite the fact that there was a continuing need for a teacher of her ability and experience at the school.

According to her legal representatives, Pembrokeshire county council - which is headquartered in Haverfordwest - wrongly believed it had the right to terminate her contracts when they ended without a substantial reason.

Employment judge Mr Bryn Lloyd said: "Those employed on fixed-term contracts should not be viewed as second class employees.

"The respondents laboured under the misapprehension that an employee can be picked up and discarded on the due date."

A unanimous verdict of unfair dismissal was reached at the tribunal and a separate hearing is set to take place to decide how much compensation Mr Wilcox will receive.