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Family secures £3.8m in compensation for medical negligence

Family secures £3.8m in compensation for medical negligence

A family has been awarded compensation of £3.8 million over a medical error which resulted in their son suffering from cerebral palsy.

The money will be used to help pay for the care of the individual, who is not able to walk unaided and is dependent on others for his basic needs.

He is also unable to speak and has significant learning difficulties.

His cerebral palsy - which is a condition that affects movement and coordination - was caused by a lack of oxygen at birth.

According to his legal representatives, it could have been avoided if he had been delivered 25 minutes earlier.

Recently, the local NHS trust settled the case out of court.

Commenting on the payout, the mother of the boy affected said: "Our overwhelming concern has always been to secure our son's long-term future to enable him to develop to his full potential and to make his life as happy and fulfilled as possible."