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Compensation awarded to head and spinal injury victim

Compensation awarded to head and spinal injury victim
A man who suffered damage to his head and spine has been awarded compensation.

The 30-year-old welder, who has not been named, was fitting a handrail at the University of Wales on behalf of the Severn Engineering Company when the accident happened.

A metal post fell on the worker from the top of a staircase 15ft above him.

He was left with a fractured skull, broken nose and soft tissue injuries to his neck and spine.

As a result of the injuries he sustained, he had to take nearly two years off work and is still receiving therapy to help his memory loss.

He stated: "As a welder I am used to working in dangerous conditions so I couldn't believe I was so badly injured while doing what I would call a simple and safe job."

According to Health and Safety Executive figures published this month, a total of 180 workers lost their lives in 2008-09, which was a fall of 53 compared with the previous 12-month period.