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Woman seeks £70k in compensation over alleged discrimination

Woman seeks £70k in compensation over alleged discrimination

A woman who claims that her bosses discriminated against her on the basis that she is a single mother is seeking compensation of £70,000.

Alison Weekes alleges that she lost her City job with Lloyds TSB because she is raising children.

According to the 39-year-old, her manager at the firm told her she was not "truly committed" to her job compared with her male colleagues.

Ms Weekes was also allegedly warned that there was no such thing as a work-life balance and she was not able to put in the necessary hours due to her responsibilities as a mother.

She had worked for the firm - which is part of the Lloyds Banking Group - as an audit manager.

Ms Weekes says she lost her position after complaining about the comments.

She subsequently took her case to an employment tribunal, claiming sex and race discrimination and victimisation.

Meanwhile, the bank denies the allegations and says she was sacked on the basis of poor performance.