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"Vigorous legislation" needed to tackle sex discrimination

"Vigorous legislation" needed to tackle sex discrimination

In order to tackle sex discrimination in the UK's workplaces, "vigorous legislation" is required, it has been claimed.

Writing in Tribune magazine, Owen Evans pointed out that, on average, female workers in Britain earn significantly less than their male counterparts.

Indeed, official figures suggest that women in full-time employment take home an average of 17 per cent less than men, while part-time female workers earn an average of 36 per cent less every year than a man doing the same job.

Mr Evans commented: "This blatant sex discrimination must end and the way to do that is through vigorous legislation and vigilant monitoring.

"Since the contribution women make to our society is of equal value, they must no longer be treated as second-class citizens in the workplace."

Under the terms of the recently-published Equalities Bill, employers will have to publish their pay rates in compulsory audits.

The move is designed to reduce pay differences between men and women.