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Veteran seeks compensation for nuclear test exposure

Veteran seeks compensation for nuclear test exposure
A former soldier is among a group of veterans awaiting the results of a legal case to see if he will be able to seek compensation from the Ministry of Defence over his exposure to nuclear radiation.

Allan Cox was stationed on Christmas Island off the west coast of Australia in the 1950s when the British military conducted nuclear tests, the Derby Evening Telegraph reports.

The 70-year-old claims that he has experienced ill-effects to his health as a result.

He has painful rashes on his arms, legs and neck. In addition, he has been diagnosed with a blood disorder, has had his gall bladder removed and has lost many of his teeth.

Mr Cox said: "After I came out of the army, I tried to give blood and was told that I had some sort of virus in the blood.

"I wasn't told what it was or how I had got it but I ended up in hospital for a week."

He went on to say that when the nuclear tests were conducted, he and his colleagues were not given protective clothing and when they opened their eyes after the explosion, they could see the bones in their hands.