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Spinal injury victim secures compensation

Spinal injury victim secures compensation
A man who suffered injuries to his spine at work has been awarded a payout.

Lee Sharples was hit by a falling air conditioning unit while working for Rosser and Russell - a firm which is based in Salford, west of the city of Manchester.

The 31-year-old broke his pelvis and three vertebrae as a result of the impact, which occurred as he and a number of colleagues attempted to lift the unit using harnesses, the Manchester Evening News reports.

He said: "It was about three-quarters of a tonne and doctors couldn't quite believe I wasn't more seriously injured."

Mr Sharples was recovering from his injuries for a year and has not been able to return to the same role. Instead, he has retrained to work in the IT industry.

He added: "I could have been killed and now because of the injuries I am unable to work in the same trade."