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Pothole-related injuries result in compensation for cyclist

Pothole-related injuries result in compensation for cyclist

A cyclist has been successful in his bid to secure compensation after being injured as a result of a pothole.

Ian Davis was riding his bike from Lambourn to Newbury in February 2006 when he travelled over the pothole, which caused him to fall to the ground.

He sustained knee and hip damage, broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder as a result of the impact, RoadCyclingUK reports.

Although West Berkshire county council, which has offices in Newbury and Reading, denied liability, it has been made to issue a payout to Mr Davis as a result of the injuries he suffered.

The 49-year-old claims to still experience pain in his right shoulder and is not able to ride his bike for long periods of time like he used to.

He stated: "As I went over the pothole, the handlebars from my bike immediately ripped out of my hands, causing me to lose my balance and I crashed to the ground."

Meanwhile, his legal representative from Russell Jones & Walker Enid Brenyah described the case as a "triumph" for cyclists who are involved in accidents as a result of poorly maintained roads.