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Older workers 'still subject to discrimination'

Older workers 'still subject to discrimination'

Older workers in the UK are still subject to discrimination, new research suggests.

A study conducted by the Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise (Prime) found that hundreds of thousands of older people are prevented from contributing towards the economy due to the persistence of ageist attitudes.

Entitled Generations Forgotten, the report was produced with support from Bank of America.

It was revealed that 53 per cent of people aged 50 and over felt they are disadvantaged compared with younger people when seeking work.

Of this group, 81 per cent reported that the attitude of employers towards them was the cause of this disadvantage.

Prime chief executive officer Laurie South said: "The over 50s clearly perceive that ageist attitudes are rife in the labour market. This is equally as unacceptable as gender or race discrimination."

Founded the Prince of Wales, Prime aims to help older people who are struggling to find employment as a result of their age.