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Holidaymaker receives compensation for injury

Holidaymaker receives compensation for injury
A woman who was injured while on holiday has been awarded compensation.

The unnamed 46-year-old was forced to take a month off work as a result of the damage she sustained and had to remain on light duties for months afterwards.

In addition, she still suffers from pain during cold weather.

She was on a cruise ship with her family when the accident happened.

The holidaymaker was walking on to the deck of the Navigator of the Seas, which is described by its operator Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a 'navigator class' vessel, when she slipped on melted ice cream which had spilt from a faulty machine.

She was rushed to the onboard health centre but had to wait for two days before her arm could be set in a hospital in Monaco.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines admitted liability for the injury and paid her compensation.

Commenting on the case, her husband said: "This accident completely ruined our holiday and my wife was forced to take sick leave from her job. The cruise company should have replaced the faulty machine before such an accident could happen."