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Female director awarded £63k compensation at employment tribunal

Female director awarded £63k compensation at employment tribunal

A female director has been awarded compensation after successfully claiming she was the victim of sexual harassment and unfair dismissal.

Nadine Nassar was dismissed from her £136,000 a year role at asset management firm Notz Stucki - which was established in 1964 - days after she turned down the advances of her boss Guy Oppenheim.

Responding to the allegations, Mr Oppenheim claimed that messages he had sent were an attempt to help Ms Nassar settle in to her new job.

Ms Nassar said: "I was called into an office, without any prior warning, by [Mr] Oppenheim, who simply said 'This is not working out.' He stated that I would have to leave immediately without any further notice. I felt devastated."

During a recent employment tribunal held in London, it was ruled that she had been sexually harassed and unfairly dismissed.

Although the case was brought too late to claim under sex discrimination laws, the panel was able to award her the maximum payment for unfair dismissal of £63,000.