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Worker seeks compensation after suffering internal injuries

Worker seeks compensation after suffering internal injuries
A man who suffered serious internal injuries as a result of an accident at work is seeking compensation, it has emerged.

According to reports in the Mansfield Chad, Terry O'Hare was operating as a trainee wood machinist at Kybotech - an online retailer which specialises in garden, home and leisure products - when the accident occurred in July last year.

He was impaled by a piece of wood which came off a machine he was working on and pierced his abdomen.

The 51-year-old was rushed to hospital and was kept in for observations.

It subsequently emerged that his bowel had been perforated. This put his life at risk as he could have developed blood poisoning.

Mr O'Hare had to have 18 inches of his bowel removed and spent between ten and 11 days on a high dependency ward.

Kybotech has denied liability and did not wish to comment on the case.