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Woman seeks compensation after suffering spinal injuries

Woman seeks compensation after suffering spinal injuries
A 26-year-old barmaid who suffered serious injuries after being caught up in an explosion is seeking compensation.

Danielle Ormond was working at the Drumtochty Arms in Aberdeenshire - which is situated in the north-east of Scotland - when the incident happened.

She sustained broken ribs, fractured vertebrae in her neck and back, a collapsed lung, damage to her jaw and teeth and multiple cuts.

In addition, she developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

Commenting on her injuries, Ms Ormond said: "Apart from all the pain and discomfort, I feel I am losing a whole chunk of life because I can't do a single thing."

She is seeking a payout from the owner of the hotel in which she was working and from a gas contractor who was carrying out his duties at the premises when the explosion occured.

According to her legal team, she may never be able to work as a barmaid again due to the damage she suffered.