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Family of cancer victim launch battle for compensation

Family of cancer victim launch battle for compensation
The family of a man who died from an asbestos-related cancer are seeking a payout.

James Peacock lost his life at the age of 86 to mesothelioma and his relatives are now appealing for information in order to build their legal case, York newspaper the Press reports.

They believe that he may have handled asbestos sheets while working at Henry Foster Building Products - which subsequently changed its name to Ferguson Foster and then to Ferguson Industrial Holdings - between 1967 and 1985.

According to his family, who are currently trying to find the insurers of the firm, the asbestos dust which he inhaled caused the cancer which killed him last year.

Mr Peacock's daughter Jennifer said: "We are taking action because basically when my father was diagnosed the first thing that was said to him was that he would be entitled to compensation."

She added that his diagnosis with mesothelioma - a condition which affects the lungs or abdomen - was a "complete and crushing surprise" to the family.