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Employer guilty of sex discrimination, tribunal rules

Employer guilty of sex discrimination, tribunal rules

A local authority has been found guilty of sex discrimination and has been ordered to pay compensation.

PE teacher Ian Linklater was transferred to from Greenock High to Wellington Academy after the two schools amalgamated but remained as separate campuses, the Greenock Telegraph

He was switched with a female teacher to make sure that both schools had staff who could supervise single-sex classes.

Mr Linkater said: "The supervision I conducted could have been done by anyone. I felt I was being moved because I was a man. Had I been female I would not have been moved."

During a recent tribunal, it was ruled that the 56-year-old had been discriminated against on the basis of his gender.

Employment tribunal judge Roderick Mackenzie also recommended that Inverclyde council - which is headquartered in Greenock - consider providing head teachers with training on sex discrimination.

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Linkater said he is glad that the case has come to a conclusion.