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Consumers warned not to put off making wills

Consumers warned not to put off making wills

While no one enjoys making a will, it is a process that should not be put off, an expert has said.

According to financial planner Jane Wheeler, such documents are important and do not take a long time to draw up.

She said: "We are all going to die sometime and this is fundamental in getting your affairs sorted out and the peace of mind that that will bring you. So, don't put it off," Citywire reports.

Ms Wheeler also said that, once wills have been produced, they need to be updated to reflect any significant life changes that occur.

In order to ensure that the documents accurately reflect the wishes of those who produce them, people should seek advice when drawing them up, the expert added.

Solicitors and advice websites were two potential sources of such information recommended by Ms Wheeler.

Last month, the Times cited figures which suggested that legal disputes concerning wills and inheritances increased by 175 per cent between 2006 and 2007.