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Widow of Mesothelioma Victim Claims Compensation

Widow of Mesothelioma Victim Claims Compensation

The widow of a man who died as a result of exposure to asbestos has begun legal proceedings in a bid to secure a Mesothelioma compensation payout.

According to reports in the Birmingham Post, Mary Harrison claims that her late spouse regularly came into contact with the hazardous asbestos materials while at his workplace. James Harrison was employed by Aston University between 1990 &d 2000.

He worked as a porter in a conference venue which was used by academics and, according to his wife, he would often be required to go into a boiler house containing asbestos.

Commenting on her husband's illness she said, "After being diagnosed with Mesothelioma in June 2007, Jim's condition continued to worsen. During his last few months, Jim really suffered and deteriorated quickly."

A spokesperson from the university said that she was unable to comment due to the fact that the matter is currently under investigation.

According to figures cited by Cancer Research UK, Mesothelioma is diagnosed in around 2,100 people in Britain each year.