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Pressure Mounts over Asbestos-Related Pleural Plaques Compensation Ruling

Pressure Mounts over Asbestos-Related Pleural Plaques Compensation Ruling

The UK Government has come under renewed pressure to make an announcement concerning the entitlement of compensation for people suffering with the Asbestos-related disease known as Pleural Plaques.

During a recent parliamentary exchange, Justice Minister Bridget Prentice called for a decision to be made.

In December 2007, the Law Lords ruled that people sufferering from Pleural Plaques, a form of scarring of the outer lining of the lungs which in indicative of previous exposure to asbestos; were not eligible for compensation payouts because the health condition is symptomless.

Ms Prentice stated, "Although to some extent I accept the wider logic of looking at things from a wider perspective, given the time people have waited on the Pleural Plaques compensation issue, I would prefer, on this occasion, to see something done in respect of this matter."

She added that, as a result of the House of Lords decision, Pleural Plaques sufferers can no longer establish employer liability at an early stage.

This, she continued, can cause problems if they go on develop other asbestos-related diseases, such as fatal Mesothelioma; a cancer of the lining of the lungs or abdomen.

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