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Employment tribunal in constructive dismissal case adjourned

Employment tribunal in constructive dismissal case adjourned

A hearing involving a headteacher who was accused of bullying her deputy out of her job has been adjourned.

Catherine Maltbaek has been found guilty of driving Sue Preston out of her role through bullying and behaving inappropriately towards her, Plymouth newspaper the Herald reports.

Ms Preston was awarded compensation of £56,800 during a previous tribunal.

She had claimed that she was driven to a mental breakdown by her treatment at the hands of the headteacher.

According to the mother of three, she was reprimanded in front of children and parents, subjected to a constant stream of criticisms and was spoken to rudely while performing her role at Cathedral School of St Mary in Stonehouse, a town which has been amalgamated into Plymouth.

A new hearing in Birmingham, which is expected to last eight days and has the power to strike Ms Maltbaek from the teaching register, has now been adjourned until September.