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Lawyers 'feeling at risk of redundancy'

Lawyers 'feeling at risk of redundancy'

The majority of lawyers do not feel safe in their roles as a result of the current economic downturn, it has been found.

According to a YouGovCentaur survey of nearly 2,000 legal professionals, 15 per cent of associates did not think they were at risk of losing their jobs, while 34 per cent of partners felt secure in their positions.

Commenting on the figures, Jonathan Glass, chairman of executive search firm Glass Consultancy, said: "It doesn't seem to be a slash-and-burn approach to mid-ranking associate ¬levels.

"In fact, there has probably been an under-reporting of how many partners have been asked to go or have been de-equitised. That will only become clear over the next year or so."

People who feel at risk of redundancy may be interested in legal advice issued recently by money saving expert Martin Lewis.

Writing for GMTV, he pointed out that employees who have worked for an organisation for two years or more qualify for redundancy pay.

Meanwhile, some contracts also specify a minimum notice of employment termination, meaning that companies are obliged to pay this at full wages even if staff are told they do not need to work it.